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We offer an unsurpassed range of UPVC windows with all our new build projects. Our attractive, low maintenance double glazed windows are available in a comprehensive range of styles for every type of property

Using traditional building methods and modern materials which help with insulation, you can enjoy living in a timber framed home that can be built at a low cost, which will be finished on time and warm and cosy all year round.

External cladding services from Shepherds Construction can help with insulating your home and it provides a rainscreen that will help to prevent water damage, making your property look better and adding value to the building.

When it comes to joinery work for barn conversions Shepherds Construction are second to none. With highly experienced joinery professionals we are able to create new pieces and restore old ones - on time and to budget.

Let us enhance the appearance of your interior walls with plaster boards fitted by Shepherds Construction. Add style and finesse to your timber build package by including our plasterboard service

Protecting your structural roof space is essential if you want to prevent expensive and time-consuming repairs. Inadequately-protected roof rafters can be particularly vulnerable to wood rot or fungus, necessitating expensive and time-consuming repairs.

As part of our builds we offer a roofing service, Shepherds Construction has the expertise and experience to provide you with a roof to suit your build

Extending your home is a great way to add equity, gain extra space and get the home you want without the hassle of moving. The great thing about home extensions is you do not have to move away from the family and friends you have established

Shepherds Construction has been in the business of timber frame building construction for many years, combining traditional methods of construction with quality modern materials.